ANDALUS 4-Axis Wood

Technical Data

Brand NameAl Dünya
Model No.A-12025-4
Machine Description4-Axis 4-Heads CNC Wood Milling Machine
Machine Dimensions2000*1700*1700 mm
ColorWhite and Grey
Table Model360 Degree
Layout FormHorizontal
Control SystemSZGH Controller
SoftwareRhino3d – Powermill – Fusion360…
Command Code G Code
Wire ProtectYes
Oil LubricationYes
Dust CollectorOptional
Running Enviroment 0-45°
Body StructureThick Steel Made
Weight1200 KG


Working Area

X Axis1200 mm
Y Axis300 mm
Z Axis250 mm
A Axis360 Degree Continuous
Maximum Material Size 1200*250 Diameter


Max Moving Speed

X Axis40000 mm/min
Y Axis40000 mm/min
Z Axis12000 mm/min
A Axis18000 Degree/min


Max Engraving Speed

X Axis20000 mm/min
Y Axis20000 mm/min
Z Axis10000 mm/min
A Axis18000 Degree/min



Spindle Power2.2 KW – 9 KW Optional
Spindle Speed18000 – 24000 RPM
Spindle CoolingAir Cooling
Auto Tool ChangeOptional
No. Of Tools4
Tool HolderBT30 – ISO30 – Optional
ColletER20 – ER25 – ER32
Spindle Inverter300 – 600 Hertz 



X – Y Axis0.01 mm
Z Axis0.01 mm
A Axis0.01 Degree
Travelling Positioning Accuracy0.05 mm
Repositioning Accuracy0.05 mm


Drive System

Motors1KW Servo Motor
Motor Driver1KW Servo Driver
RailsSquare Rails
X AxisRack and pinion
Y AxisRack and pinion
Z AxisBall Screw
A AxisBelt – Gear Box